Currently, HopNotes can only be purchased through the PayPal payment channel, and other payment methods are being prepared.(Countries and regions outside China)


Purchase authorization needs

A user's software license includes an email address and a corresponding registration code. Currently only single-user authorization is available. A valid email address must be provided at the time of purchase. Once you have paid, the registration code will be sent to this email address shortly, and this registration code can only be paired with this email address.

Version Single-User License Price
1.0.4 1 License $19.95
Registered users benefit

 The software no longer displays the registration prompt message box.

 In addition to the major version upgrades, minor and revision upgrades are completely free.

 If you are a registered user, enjoy a 50% discount on the upgraded major version.

 Registered users receive timely technical support and answers to questions.

Sales question

If you have problems buying, please send a message to the email address sales@hopnotes.net

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