What's HopNotes?

Do you often keep a diary at work?

Do you often make plans and track and manage the implementation of these plans?

Do you want to categorize and manage many of the documents and important information you collect?

If you have at least one answer to the above question is yes, then you may be able to try this tool software.

HopNotes is a software tool to manage many favor documents, important tasks, and diary notes, cataloged document, task tree view provide the catalog can be organized by the simple and easy way, simple and direct calendar navigator help you to clearly manage diaries and make a memo for the task on a busy day. HopNotes provides a few methods to save your favor document files (like PDF, MSWord, and MS Excel), image files or audio files in database, and view their content anytime. Interestingly, HopNotes realized a kind of associated operation about the task and diary management, it enable checking the task details and progress in every day. HopNotes has friendly interface and clear layout, and provide necessary password protection for the database and the document.

Free trial

Now you can download the latest version for free: 1.0.4

 New feature:When editing text, the text color or background color selection panel adds color button RGB value prompts.

 Fixed-bug:The color selection panel button does not display text.

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